Innovative Regeneration Colorado
Where waste fuels the future!

About Us

We're a sustainable waste-to-energy company dedicated to providing a service in energy-efficient reduction in food waste.

Who we are

Alex King (left) business partner, and Mark Berkley (right) founder and owner

Alex King (left) business partner, and Mark Berkley (right) founder and owner

Innovative Regeneration Colorado has been a business under development since owner, Mark Berkley, started growing and distributing microgreens to the local food industry (Innovative Ag Colorado). Inspired by food waste within his own agricultural business, Mark began exploring alternatives to improve his impact on the earth…

In a rapidly populated world, land is precious. Minimizing contributions to landfills is becoming a hot bed for new businesses in sustainability. Innovative Regeneration Colorado seeks to provide a service not currently offered in Routt County as well as surrounding counties (i.e. Grand, Moffatt, Summit, etc.) – one that transforms food waste to energy and fertilizer, reducing contributions to landfills.

Innovative Regeneration Colorado’s goal is to begin its pilot program collecting and turning food-waste to energy and fertilizer as early as January 2019. Once the pilot program is proven and smoothly running, Innovative Regeneration Colorado envisions becoming an expanded food-waste service provider to all of Routt County. As the trend for other resort towns and rural communities in the state of Colorado is set by Routt County, aspirations of exploring market potential in areas such as Summit, Eagle, and other surrounding counties will be explored. Again, building on the strong community and market connections that Innovative Ag Colorado has built with expansion of its operation as a foot in the door, Innovative Regeneration Colorado has the opportunity to become as common in food-waste prevention as trash bags to trash cans.

Why our mission matters


According to The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), approximately 40% of the food produced in the United States goes to waste. Excessive energy is used for pesticides, labor, land, and fertilizer. Ignoring the investments in food-waste management only furthers the negative economic and environmental effects .

In Routt County where there are currently only limited programs on a small scale relating to food waste, nearly 100% of all uneaten foods go to the landfill. Only a small portion of the residents compost independently, thus inhibiting any long-term benefits or substantial positive effects on the overall community. Minimal educational materials as well as lack of funding for such a project contributes to the problem. Neighboring communities like Oak Creek, Stagecoach, Phippsburg, Yampa, and Hayden also struggle with limited access to alternative food waste initiatives.

Who's on board

Though working closely with the same customers as our sister company (Innovative Ag Colorado), Innovative Regeneration Colorado is a separate entity with a different purpose and achievement in mind. Innovative Ag Colorado focuses on the growing and distribution of food, while Innovative Regeneration Colorado’s focus is to collect and regenerate the wasted foods into fertilizer and energy.

Several companies in the Routt County area provide waste-management services – some include recycling options to support a greener community. However, Innovative Regeneration Colorado is unique in being the only business to work exclusively on minimizing food waste. One of the local trash collecting servicing companies, Aces High, has engaged in partnering to create and operate a pilot program built to be expanded into a smoothly running long-term operation.

Community Ag Alliance and the Sustainability Council, have also offered to be promotional partners, fiscal sponsors, and nonprofit umbrellas for potential grants that Innovative Regeneration Colorado might be eligible for in the future development and expansion of our business.