Innovative Regeneration Colorado
Where waste fuels the future!

Where waste fuels the future!





Innovating waste-to-energy since 2014...

Founder and owner, Mark Berkley, officially started working on the foundation of Innovative Regeneration Colorado in 2018. As business was thriving for Innovative Ag Colorado (grower and distributor of microgreens, edible flowers, and specialty mushrooms, est. 2014), Mark quickly saw a need for an alternative waste-management service, exclusive to the food industry. Having to deal with their own food waste, Innovative Ag Colorado also needed to creatively look at alternative and more affordable heating and electric while reducing waste for the environment.

Mark shared his musings about alternative energy sources and reducing Innovative Ag Colorado’s waste with existing restaurateur-customers. They in turn shared their frustrations and desires to have a different service assuring reduction in food waste, and thus the spark for Innovative Regeneration Colorado was born. Now, with a team of equally passionate innovators, business partners, employees, and interns, Mark is ready to move forward with his plans to establish an operational facility unique and exclusive to Routt County.




2205 Curve Court
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

(970) 396-6628


What do we do?

Waste to energy service

We provide a simple service of collecting food waste [otherwise bound for the landfill] from large scale establishments such as grocers, hospitals, and Ski Corp.; medium level businesses like private restaurants and local farmers, as well as each and every resident interested in reducing their carbon-footprint.

Provide educational modules

With our three method components, we invite students, residents, visitors, and customers to see the newest options in varying compostable alternatives.

create a hyper-local regenerative culture

We invite our community to get to know their farmer, composter, and alternate sustainable energy provider. By establishing a low-cost sustainable energy-source, we encourage participants of any tax-bracket to partake and reap the benefits of reducing the cost for fertilizer, waste-disposal, and energy.

design individualized plans

Our outreach and resource staff are excited to help you create a unique, individualized plan to participate in reducing your carbon-footprint.

succeed in waste diversion with education, participation, and realization

Our system makes implementation of waste diversion easy and cost effective. Through our methods, we're on track to reduce Routt County's food-waste 50% within 4 years.

generate energy

Through our BioDigestors, we are able to produce enough energy to off-set the cost for our company while also reverting sustainable energy back to our local electric company.


The future will either be green or not at all.
— Bob Brown


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